Country Branding in the Era of Pandemic: Possible Shifts in Country Branding Strategies and Future Perspectives

Khavar Alakbarli
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume X, Issue 4, 135-151, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/792


Purpose: In this article, we will analyze: 1) What is the impact of the pandemic on the country's branding strategies? 2) What are the new shifts in branding for governments? Design/methodology/approach: Covid-19 brought a new order in international relations and public administration with the closure of borders, social isolation and quarantine measures. While governments have previously focused on investing in military and political power and international image, it has shifted to health strategies and local public diplomacy. Country branding strategy is to emphasize the country's existence and position in both local and international consciousness. Findings: Adapting the requirements and passions of different local participants in a single orientation and at the same time presenting an encouraging and achievable strategic goal are the biggest obstacles for the country's brand. Practical implications: The crisis not only challenges countries in some respects, but also creates new opportunities for innovation and improvement. And governments need to prepare themselves as soon as possible, rethink and restructure the country's branding strategies. Originality value: Crisis while challenging countries from some aspects, also creates new opportunities for innovations and improvements. And governments must prepare themselves as soon as possible, rethink and rebuild country branding strategies.

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