Intellectual Capital in Higher Education Institutions-Features of Application in Al-Kunooze University College: The Requirements

P. Dr. Munir Shaker Mohamad, P.A. Dr. Osama Nadhim Al-Abadi
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume X, Issue 4, 101-122, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/790


Purpose: The main aim of this research is to explain the concept of Intellectual capital (IC), its advantages for high education institutions, the second aim is to explain how to practice of the concept in Al- Kunoose Privet College. Design/methodology/approach: The research is designed in six parts to explain the theoretical bases and the design and significance of the intellectual capital and its implications to high education institutions. The research made a narrative study and a survey of what has been written about the subject mater to understand the implications and significance of the subject to summarize the idea which facilitate the processes of application in Iraqi Hight education Institutions, and suggest valid procedures to be applied in Al Kunooze university college. Finding: The results of the study revealed: 1-There is no unified definition of the intellectual capital accepted by all parties, 2-There is no clear understanding of what the concept means for all or most of all or most of the high education institutions, 3- no real application carried out by the institutions in high education thought of its implicit acceptance by some of the institutions, 4- there is a clear need to Iraqi high education institutions because of the skilled lecturer’s immigration, 5-there is a big need to practice the concept to keep Iraqi professors inside the country’s universities and colleges and other entities. Practical Implications: An early warning to high education institutions to learn how to practice the concept urgently, furthermore, providing identified procedures to be practically followed facilitates the application process by institutions, and to highlights the availability of intellectual capital people especially in the universities and college to be benefited urgently before losing the opportunity. Originality value: This study found that Iraqi Institutions have many of the professors and people who can attributed to (IC) and are largely benefit from them if the (IC) practice is followed and its principles is understood

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