Ascertaining the Consumer’s Perception, Preference and Perceived Satisfaction of Digital Payment Platform: Research Evidence from Saudi Arabia

Deepa Priyanshu, Rubina Liyakat Khan, Reem Khaled Matahen, Amna Jumaa Qazaq
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume X, Issue 3, 41-52, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/775


Purpose: This study identifies the key factors and deterrents to adopting a mobile wallet in Saudi Arabia. This study is intended to analyze the important factors influencing user’s intention, preference and perceived satisfaction after the usage of digital payment platform. Design/Methodology/Approach: In this study, the integrated model of UTAUT that includes variables such as trust, ease of use, trust, security, self-efficiency, and ‘Hedonism’ is used to test consumer behavior in the usage of mobile wallet technologies. Statistical tools such as ANOVA, regression analysis and descriptive analysis are used to test the relationship between the level of the satisfaction, consumer preferences and the perception of the respondents in this study. The importance of the model under study and its effectiveness in understanding consumer behavior in Saudi Arabia is analyzed. Findings: The results of this study indicated that there is a positive relationship between the perception of difference and consumer satisfaction. This study also confirmed that the consumer's intention plays an important role in the use and adoption of any new technology. Their thoughts are influenced by social variables such as their family, friends, and society. Practical Implication: Our study being one of its kind therefore it is important in analyzing the features associated with the mobile wallet apps which are in race in Saudi Arabia. Subsequently it is significant in giving the organizations to redesign the versatile wallet applications by and large utilized in Saudi Arabia. Originality/Value: This study is conducted in Dammam region which can be further enhanced on a larger platform,

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