The Post-War Rebuilding System by Chess-Business Modeling: First Steps and No Answers

Tatiana O. Nikolaychuk
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume X, Issue 2, 78-100, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/767


Purpose: The scientific research is devoted to solving the problem connected with the determination of the essence and role of the chess business modeling in the system of balanced post war growing and their place in the market infrastructure. Design/methodology/approach: The military the Russian invasion in Ukraine have led to numerous transformations in the social, economic, political, ecological and regulatory field. The formation of effective economic key drivers postwar period is the key to restoring the institutions of civil society and market economy of Ukraine. A quantitative literature review (a meta-analysis) was conducted to investigate the market without inter-study differences. The comparative method was used to form the main vectors of post war market’s renovation and the adapting possibility of these tools to the Ukrainian economy. Findings: The study conclusion on the basis of findings reveals that the chess business modeling can form as the most valuable route for entity so analyze the side effect of it, e.g. impact on the regional financial or socio-economic performance. The government should react fast and respond to the urgent needs of regions and local communities. Chess business modeling will be able to find the most available business ways for entities and side effect for society and environment. Chess business modeling also could be used as a tool dealing with institutional traps. Practical implications: The paper has guiding the comprehensive framework as for post war society so for economic grows of Ukraine. Originality/value: The paper could continue the evaluation of the effectiveness of traditional business and the innovative one, conduct the more comprehensive, in-depth and scientific analysis of the post war economic renovation system, provide more practical management to promote sustainable development of the country.

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