Promotion of the Effectiveness of Corporate Financial Management to Social Benefits

Zhuo Chen
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume X, Issue 2, 3-18, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/763


Purpose: The aim of this article is to study the promotion of the effectiveness of corporate financial management to social benefits. Design/methodology/approach: From the perspective of professional technology, the effectiveness of financial management is not considered by the analysis of the promotion effect of enterprises on social benefits, which will lead to the analysis results are inconsistent with the actual situation. New analytical methods are studied. The GA-SVM-based effectiveness evaluation model of enterprise financial management is used as the basis. Through GA-SVM and genetic algorithm, the model is constructed to evaluate the effectiveness of financial management. Findings: According to the evaluation results, the established evaluation model is used to comprehensively score the indicators for promoting the social benefits of the enterprise. The experimental results show that the correct classification rate of the proposed model is above 90%, and the average correct classification rate is 95.0%, which indicates that the model has strong generalization ability. The average score of the company evaluated in 2013 is 4.52×10-6, which is consistent with the actual situation. Colleagues also verified the effectiveness of the method. Practical implications: The paper has guiding significance for the overall development of benefits, and also provides the scientific method for evaluating the performance of corporate social responsibility. Originality/value: The paper could continue the evaluation of the effectiveness of traditional enterprise financial management, conduct the more comprehensive, in-depth and scientific analysis of the production and operation, provide more practical financial management information to promote sustainable business.

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