Problem of Criteria Space Dynamism at Management and Conceptual Approaches for Its Solutions

Dmitriev Oleg Nikolaevich
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume IX, Issue 1, 19-33, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/655


Purpose: The problem of criteria space dynamism at the management activity in terms of changing the composition of its dimensions in a finite number of moments is highlighted. For the management period, a non-element tuple of criterion spaces is introduced, which does not fit into the management theory's classical constructions. A typical example of the situation is declared for example as anti-crisis management. It is shown that the problem of criterion dynamics is significant in predictive analysis of the state and institutional and organizational in economics and electroanalytical studies. Accordingly, there were intentions to establish the necessity of the problem of the criterion space dynamism, identify the problems generated by this phenomenon, and propose a fan of methods for mapping an inhomogeneous criterion space into a homogeneous space. Design/Methodology/Approach: As a methodology, a complex of theories, scientific directions, and methods was used, among which system analysis, general control theory, optimization theory, and some others are distinguished. Findings: The author argues for the relevance of reproducing the situation with the management of organizational and economic separations, in which the criterion space is dimensionally and subjectively dynamic. The inapplicability of traditional approaches to managing complex economic objects in the conditions of criterion dynamism is established. A set of methods is proposed that allow at least to smooth out the severity of the problem and introduce the projection of an inhomogeneous criterion space into a conditionally homogeneous criterion space. Practical Implications: The proposed approach makes it possible to carry out an acceptably correct control in the conditions of changing a set of optimization criteria – both structural (dimensional) and characteristic (according to the evaluation procedure). Originality/Value: The proposed methodological approach makes it possible to apply the central part of the accumulated management tools to manage conditions in a dynamic criteria space and thereby avoid catastrophic management errors, including in the conditions of changing management paradigms "crisis - non-crisis."

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