Digital Marketing: A Conceptual Framework, Review, and Case Study Mixed Approach

Ramiro Esqueda-Walle, Jesus Marmolejo Rodriguez, Karla Villarreal Estrada
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VIII, Issue 3, 256-279, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/514


Purpose: To analyze marketing and digital marketing activities implemented by three companies of Río Bravo (Tamaulipas, Mexico) that are leaders in their industries. Being companies that over time have reached a solid position in the local market and the last five years have extended their market influence in the cross-border region of northern Tamaulipas and Lower Rio Grande Valley. Approach/Methodology/Design: The study is exploratory with an explanatory scope, implemented a mixed-methodological approach, and developed an analytical framework based on triangulation precepts. As research techniques, we conducted a questionnaire (validated by experts), semi-structured interviews, and a web quality analysis tool to examine more than fifty search engine optimization parameters. Findings: Marketing is conceived and applied in a segmented way, often as just advertising, and seen as something to improvise and thus reducing its potential benefits in market expansion. However, investing and implementing digital marketing tools benefits business expansion and market growth. To optimize results is urgent training managers in digital marketing, mainly in handling social networks and implement continuous performance assessment using web analytics tools. Practical Implications: From the results, the paper draws up a set of recommendations to each company analyzed that may help to improve decision-making in marketing practices. The study also contributes to filling the gap in the scientific literature. Originality/Value: This research is novel because of its mixed methodological approach based on different techniques that together offer an analysis based on the criterion of analytical and casuistic triangulation. Beyond the traditional focus on marketing, this work approaches cross-border marketing with an emphasis on the digital aspect. The selection case provides additional value because there is no previous study at this level.

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