Impact of Landed Property Transformation on Reproductive Process in the Agrarian Process of Regions

E.I. Abdullina, T.G. Mansurova, A.N. Makarov, A.R. Nagimov, E.S. Khovanskaya
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VI, Issue 2, 101-109, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/161


E.S. Khovanskaya5 The article presents the results on land ownership transformation and its impact on the reproductive process in the agricultural sector of the Volga Region Federal District in conditions of the existing model. The analysis of the consequences of the land reform, of which 115,4 million hectares of agricultural lands were transferred into common share ownership in the form of land shares without defining the boundaries on the ground, was carried out. Availability of land shares which are not transformed into the land, fouls up and causes chaos and uncertainty in land relations, leading to the criminalization of the land market, speculative land transactions, hinders the development of the land turnover. The position of the Volga Region Federal District and its individual regions in regard to the national indexes that characterize agricultural production, factors of reproduction, is established. The conclusion concerning the low level of production profitability is made, and it hampers the extended reproduction and, consequently, the high demand for land for agricultural purposes in the future.

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